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Reposting because hearing that a fan at @warpedtour would steal from one of the most earnest, DIY non-profits on the road is beyond heartbreaking.

There’s no corporate bullshit with @shirtsforacure - just a crew with a love a music, selling band shirts to help cancer patients in need.

Direct donations:

100% of the proceeds from #SFAC band t-shirts go to a cancer patient in need - pick up a shirt at

What Amy said.

Shirts For A Cure and Beemer are great, please help spread the word. 

This is so lame. Please help.

This is down right terrible. No faith in humanity.

Questions to now ask Chris Colfer in his interviews


So you were on Hot In Cleveland?
Playing a straight man.
But you aren’t straight in real life.
How’s that?
How’s it to play straight?
Was it weird to say you like chicks when you have a boyfriend?
I bet all your male fans got a panic attack seeing you act straight.
So you’re writing a book series.
And you’re gay.
Are any of your characters straight?
Would you like to say anything to your male fans to reassure them that you are in fact gay?

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